How to Win Friends and Influence People with Mattress

A good bed also includes a matching mattress, a relaxing and deep sleep is important for your health, but is only guaranteed if your bed and mattress are perfectly attuned to your own body. But the supply of mattresses is great. In addition to a variety of manufacturers, one sees an even more confusing number of models face each other. But which criteria of size and dimensions, material and degree of hardness up to individually arranged lying areas are actually important for a good sleep? The selection of your own mattress should therefore not be careless, but requires a detailed search in advance of the purchase. In the following article we have summarized the most important 5 criteria that you should consider when choosing a mattress.

Mattresses selection – the right size

The size of the mattress is one of the most important criteria. Of course, the size of your own bed plays a major role in the decision. The mattress should be optimally matched with the bed frame. A length of 180 to 220 centimeters is now considered the standard size for comfortable single beds. This also allows tall people to lounging comfortably in bed and has enough space in the head and foot area. Even with the width larger models are between 80 and 120 centimeters most popular, so that a comfortable turning in sleep is possible. Double beds usually come with the same length. Here, however, the width is lush 140 to 180 centimeters, so that two people have comfortable space. You can visit to thebest-mattress.orgfor the same.

Mattresses selection – the right material

Once you have decided on the correct size of the mattress, the right material must be selected. Most mattresses can be assigned to the following three variants: foam, spring core and latex. Available as cold foam mattresses or gel foam mattresses, the foam models are particularly adaptable and can convince with optimum point elasticity. The spring mattresses available as pocket spring mattresses or Bonnell spring mattresses are distinguished by their outstanding climate properties and are particularly robust. The latex mattresses available as natural latex mattresses or laminated latex mattresses are made of natural or synthetic rubber and score points with their easy-care properties.

Mattresses selection – the right degree of hardness

When determining how soft or hard a mattress is, the so-called degree of hardness is used. This is usually divided into three levels: Soft mattresses, which are suitable for light persons up to a body weight of 60 kilograms, are designated degree of hardness 1. Medium mattresses suitable for persons up to a body weight of 80 kilograms are designated grade 2. Hard mattresses which are suitable for heavy persons weighing more than 80 kilograms are designated grade 3. However, since there is no universal standard, the information varies depending on the manufacturer.

Mattresses selection – the right thickness

The thickness of the mattress is another important criterion. In any case, this should be more than 16 centimeters so that you do not feel the hard slatted base of the bed while lying down . Depending on your own comfort claim, the thickness of the mattress is usually between 14 to 26 centimeters. Some people prefer to be softer than others. The material also affects it. Spring mattresses, for example, due to their design always thicker than mattresses made of foam or latex.

Mattresses selection – the right reclining zones

The last criterion when choosing the right mattress are the so-called lying areas. These are special areas on the top of the mattress, which have different degrees of hardness. In this way, the mattress is optimally adapted to your own body. In a specific area, such as the head and pelvis, a higher degree of hardness makes sense, while in areas of the arms and legs, a softer degree of hardness is more likely to be pleasant. Good mattresses therefore offer different lying areas.

Gel Production

Gel products are especially convincing with their excellent body adaptation due to their high point elasticity. The leading supplier in this field is the company. Thanks to their original gel pad, Technogel mattresses are very flexible and elastic and thus offer optimal body adaptation with the right pressure distribution. Thus, the Technogel mattresses are also suitable for people who have a lot to lie. Despite the perfect adaptation to the body contour, the Technogel always returns to its original shape.

Advantages of a gel mattress

The innovative material does not require body heat to adapt as it is eg. B. in viscoelastic mattresses is the case. The targeted padding of the Technogel mattresses relieves pressure on the shoulder and hip, especially in the case of a side sleeper. The back is sufficiently supported by the targeted support. Another big advantage of the Technogel mattress is the heat regulation. Technogel inherently has a high heat storage capacity. Thus, it is possible that the heat emitted during the night is deliberately dissipated by the body. Due to the temperature regulation, the mattress is ideally suited for people who are prone to perspire.

Notes on gel mattresses

  • These quality mattresses have a relatively large weight, which can complicate the use. Thus, a turning and turning the mattress is slightly more difficult than z. B. in a cold foam mattress.
  • All widths are also available in 210 and 220 cm comfort length.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, two different mattress cores can be ordered in a mattress cover.

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It is extremely important to care for two mattresses, if the partner’s body weight and body size are different. Then usually two different degrees of hardness are needed. So if one partner is heavier, he needs a harder degree of hardness than the lighter partner.

If both partners have a similar body height and a similar body weight, a double mattress can also be used. Nevertheless, the choice of two single mattresses is the better for your bed.